How I choose your Diamond

If only choosing a diamond was as easy as observing the 4 C’s!

Don’t get me wrong, the 4 C’s are a good start, however there are a number of other factors which need to be understood to ensure your diamond has character, internal shape, sparkles in different light conditions, has lots of fire and above all looks how a diamond should look! 

To select one diamond, I start with a list of thousands of stones and whittle them down to just a few by ensuring the diamond I am looking for falls in to my proportion scale, the proportions that I have used for many years to yield the best looking diamonds.

Next, I will look at the diamond, it has to be pleasing.  The new owner will need to fall in love with it instantly, it will cry out attention and it will stand out. Whether it’s a small centre diamond or a large one – it should look beautiful. 

I then use a number of tools to check that the diamond isn’t loosing too much light, we want the maximum amount of light returning to the observer. The diamond should be like a mirror and not like a pane of glass where light goes in and straight out. At the same time, I am looking for a balance in contrast and brightness, this will ensure the diamond doesn’t look dull. 

When looking at a diamond in jewellery shop lighting, most diamonds will sparkle to some extent, however it’s when the diamond is placed under florescent lighting (normal office lighting), outside daylight in the shade or the sun, can differences be seen and inferior cut diamonds become very obvious.

A Diamond with true Hearts and Arrows is lovely to have, that’s why one of my checks is to get as close to this as I possibly can with the budget I have been given. Using a special tool and knowing exactly what to look out for helps make this decision.

As I said earlier, the 4 C’s are a great point to start with, however there are so many other factors that need to be looked at. Only once I am happy with all the above plus a few more, will I ever propose a diamond to you.