About me

Being born in to a jeweller family, gold and silver has always been part of growing up. Since the age of around 8 years, I would work with these precious metals with the help of my father in the shed where he would teach me the basics. 

I would use any spare time, creating new designs and trying out different methods to see what I would create and always be excited by the how these tiny pieces would form and end up looking when completed.

This carried on in to high school, craft, design and technology was by far my favourite subject. All of a sudden I was exposed to a lot of silver solder, other metals to work with and an oxy acetylene torch, which allowed me to melt gold and silver in a few seconds rather than 10-15 minutes! How exciting all this was…

For my school projects, I mainly used metals and was allowed to be creative. I would melt gold or silver in a crucible, pour out the molten metal in to an ingot mould and from there process it to make bracelets, necklaces and earrings. One of my earliest creations I remember was a 22ct gold bracelet for my mother. I was determined to make a mountain chain design, I would practice making it in silver and copper for months. The perseverance paid off, she absolutely loved it, the look on her face I have never forgotten.

When I completed school at 16, I knew I wanted to learn more, I wanted to create more and there was one place I needed to go, India! My grandfather, a jeweller himself called me over to India and I had the privilege to sit at in the family jewellery workshops and shops and learn so much more!

Here with the help of my brother I learnt more intricate designs, measurements, finishing techniques and gold refinery.

Fast forward to now and that passion is still burning inside of me and I have been able to direct it to diamonds, precious metals and more importantly the occasion you are celebrating.

Choosing a diamond is never easy, it takes a lot of skill, knowledge and a few hundred hours looking at them to determine what makes the perfect one. Being able to help others choose their magical stone is an amazing feeling. Each stone I buy is checked for proportions, angles, reflection, light loss, hearts and arrow pattern, blemishes and a number of other categories.

Working with you from start to finish to find that one special diamond and unite it with the ring is what I enjoy the most and I hope you thoroughly enjoy the experience too.